Saratoga (Wyoming), US



The Farm at Brush Creek. An unforgettable, fully-immersive culinary adventure starts and ends with The Farm at Brush Creek, an integral component of the Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection. Learn new skills alongside the experts at The Farm's suite of ranch-sourced seed-to-table experiences featuring luxury restaurant, greenhouse, brewery, distillery, creamery, bakery, spirit vault, a 94-yard wine cellar and unique event spaces for up to 250 people. Kitchen design by Stuart Davis of NextStep Design.

Cuisine is about one eye on the past the other on what’s to come. Our custom Molteni can be appreciated in the same way. It is more than just a simple piece of equipment, it is the heart of our kitchen. It’s what we count on to execute our culinary vision each and every service.”

Angus McIntosh

Credits @brushcreekranch