Positano (Salerno), Italy




Villa Franca hotel is located on a hill overlooking the bay of Positano. Once a private residence, it is now an exclusive and sophisticated 5-star luxury boutique hotel.

''Working in such an environment is extremely stimulating. Thanks to the technology we have in our kitchen, we are able to prepare dishes much more quickly so that we can also find some time to be creative and invent new dishes... It’s like modern smartphones, don’t we all always have a mobile phone in our pocket?” says Savio Perna, Executive Chef.

A secret jealously guarded by Massimo Napoli and his wife Rosa Taddeo, the owners of HVF:“My husband and I knew very well why those doors had to be there and, today, our Molteni made it through, though not so easily, to complete a truly wonderful project, our dream!”.

The Molteni cooking island alone takes up no less than five square meters: it was chosen in the highly modern Caractère version with a steel countertop, matte black enameled side panels and chrome-plated finishes.

Savio Perna
Executive Chef

Credits @villafranca