Barvaux-sur-Ourthe, Belgium

Gastropub Gaspard Passionate, that’s the only way to describe chef Jurgen Maene from the Gastropub Gaspard in Barvaux-sur-Ourthe. He exudes passion for cooking, but his second love next to his wife Véronique Delbar? His Molteni gas stove!
For three years, the couple have been at the helm of Gastropub Gaspard Barvaux, which attracts a loyal clientele in the Belgian Ardennes. “Three years ago, we finally made the move to our own business in Barvaux."

Molteni as a member of the family.
The eye catcher of the Gastropub is undoubtedly the Molteni stove. “The Molteni is my baby”, laughs Jurgen. “It really is a fantastic appliance and this stove is the beating heart of the restaurant. All the rest is actually built around it. It's a pleasure to cook with and it always works without a hitch. You feel the warmth, experience the power and taste the tradition. It is not for nothing that they call Molteni the Rolls Royce of the stoves.
Credits @gaspard