Island of Rhodes, Greece

Esperia Group has been established in the tourism industry, on the island of Rhodes, since 1969. The Group owns seven hotels in Rhodes, six of which are located on the east coast of the island in Kallithea.
With dedication and flexibility to changing times, Esperia Hotels is turning each of its hotels into modern tourism environments.

“My first contact with Molteni was the Molteni Podium 4 about 8 years ago at the Esperos Mare Hotel of our Group. I had never seen a better kitchen, beautiful and functional. It basically steals the look of the viewer, whose eye falls automatically on it.
The new Molteni is a point of admiration, impressive in its design and aesthetics, an ergonomic island that makes you proud to be working on it. I would recommend Molteni to other colleagues, those who understand aesthetics and know how to work on it.”

Athanasios Svanas,
Executive Chef