Haarlem, Netherlands




Ratatouille Food & Wine is a restaurant in Haarlem, Netherlands.
Chef Jozua Jaring received 1 Michelin star in 2014 and his desire for his 10th anniversary at the place was to offer a new tailor-made stove to the kitchen brigade. At his arrival, the restaurant was already supplier by an undestroyable Molteni stove, where the Chef declared:

“The previous Molteni stove served for 25 years
and has fully proven itself.”

"Now I have a stove constructed exactly as I desired, and the added benefit is that it's indestructible!" says Chef Jaring.

The stove is equipped with a free cooking top, non-stick system based on water and even a high tap to prevent staff from having to lift heavy pans. Chef Jaring appreciates the handmade craftsmanship of Molteni. He compared this artisanal approach and the chef's profession:

“We also do everything with our hands, that is also craftsmanship! I didn't just buy a kitchen, but a real crème de la crème. A gem to be proud of."

Jozua Jaring
1 Michelin star

Credits @ratatouillefoodandwine