Capri, Italy

This iconic five star hotel, situated just a few steps from Capri town's central Piazzetta, has been the favorite of politicians and poets, royalty and rockstars since it opened in 1845.
The kitchen is the theatre of the hotel, where the chef coordinates, manages and creates all of the dishes served in the 3 restaurants: the Quisi, Rendez-Vous and Colombaia. The pulsing heart of the kitchen is a wonderful stainless steel Molteni suite with brass finishings of massive size: a single unit measuring 3150 mm long and 1650 mm wide.

The features, exclusively electrical, are perfectly integrated with each other. On one side, you can find a multifunctional unit which can be used as a pasta cooker, as a bain-marie for steam cooking as well as for vacuum cooking if combined with a roner. Then there is a fryer, a ribbed fry top and a full surface induction top. On the other side, dedicated especially to first courses, there is a traditional pasta cooker, two additional induction tops and a smooth fry top. In order to comply with maximum hygiene levels, the cooking block is mounted on a plinth.